Paul Revere’s Ride…

the famous poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow detailing the courageous events of one of the original patriots.

You can locate the poem here:


Paul Revere’s Ride – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

1)    Lines 31-41:  What senses do the images in this passage appeal to?

2)    Lines 42-48:  What metaphor is Longfellow comparing?

3)    Lines 52-56:  How does rhythm help tell the story here?

4)    Lines 71-73:  What does the “second lamp” refer to?

5)    Lines 73-80:  What is the relationship between the rhythm and the action?

6)    Lines 81-92:  How does rhythm advance the narrative?

7)    Lines 95-100:  How does figurative language appeal to the reader?

8)    Lines 103-110:  How does repetition affect the rhythm?



1)    Longfellow wrote the poem at the time of Paul Revere’s ride.

2)    Revere’s friend hung out two lights because the British left Boston by sea.

3)    Revere waited till after day-break to warn the colonists.

4)    Revere rode in defense of the British.

5)    Revere was killed in the battle the next day




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4 responses to “Paul Revere’s Ride…

  1. This is very helpful because it helps the people who do not get finished in class to see the work that they missed and finish it. Thnx Darth Anubis

  2. nigelse97

    I mean Mr. Portor

  3. RayisaDork

    When he talks about the bleating flock, is he talking about sheep? I know that birds don’t bleat. So, I was just wandering.

  4. RayisaDork

    So. When are you are going to post the jobs?????

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